Game based learning / gamification

June 28, 2016

Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning design allows organization to transform an ordinary learning experience into a motivated, immersive one by changing the way the learner absorbs knowledge into an activity or a game. By introducing a fun element into the learning process, research has shown that even adults tend to relate to the subject matter as well as remember the relevant information better, and for longer.

Our learning design specialists take instructional design to a new level by introducing game-based and activity-based elements at strategic points in the learning process, in some cases building an entire course as a game. Game-based learning can be deployed on online content, mobile content as well as in the form of an application on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices and tablets.


Today gamification is used in almost all phases of work and learning. Be it for encouraging the employees to come up with innovative ideas to solve complex problems or marketing their products and services in a competitive environment.

Use of gamification can be differentiated from game-based learning by the fact that we use Gamification in a non-game context through the use of the following tools:

  • Progress mechanics like Points, Badges, and Leaderboards
  • Narrative story-based themes for better engagement
  • Interactive feedback loops
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Increasing and adaptive challenges
  • Opportunities for mastery, and levelling up