Learning Strategy

June 28, 2016

Our highly experienced learning consultants can help you select the right approach for the design, development, and deployment of e-learning for a wide variety of industry sectors and contexts.

What makes the Dexler learning design different?

Dexler builds courseware that is designed to address the individual needs of each of our clients. Our targeted analyses of clients’ needs result in our understanding of their priorities. As clients, you will find that this customised courseware is a key factor in focussing your learning strategies and delivering your learning outcomes.

To ensure that the expected learning outcomes take place, our experts at Dexler develop a number of interactive concepts, based on solid adult-learning and employee-engagement theories. We design each interactive concept, so that the users can explore and build upon existing knowledge. These concepts are specific to the target audience’s capabilities and to the applied classroom and teaching-practice contexts.

All Dexler modules are designed and built in accordance with Dexler’s Adult Engagement Guidelines. The guidelines promote the use of certain key activities:

  • Applied contexts
  • Reflective practice and reflective learning
  • Problem-based learning constructs
  • Knowledge development for common practice
  • Cognitive load extension
  • Socialised and networked learning wherever possible and appropriate
  • Authentic assessment

This is achieved by a learning design that uses certain inputs or technologies:

  • Gamification-based designs
  • Animation, virtual environments, and short didactic movie clips
  • Problem-solving interactive devices
  • Problem-solving interactive devices for knowledge discovery (unpacking)
  • Scenario-based interactive devices with branched or nonlinear narratives
  • Third-person narrative bases
  • Short module duration
  • Nonlinear assessment or randomised assessment
  • Scenario-based response testing
  • Infographic summarising of key points
  • Use of content, text, and video, provided by our clients