Develop & Deliver learning content

June 28, 2016

Dexler takes pride in being a multi-award winning E-Learning company, providing customized course-design building and delivery.

We have a wealth of experience in the design and development of engaging online material across all industry sectors.

We specialize in the design and development of learning content for adult learners. Our Custom Content services comprise managing, designing, developing, and delivering high-quality courses (e-learning, blended, or Web-based) for any of your areas of business, and now we bring App development to e-learning.

Our experienced project team creates a high-quality, positive learning experience that is engaging and memorable for your learners; meeting all your technical requirements; and matching your price point.

The e-learning course-ware developed by Dexler has several attributes, such as

  • Engaging, clean, and clear content for the learner, using the colours and the visual strength of the interface
  • Interactive guidance through the use of simulation instructions and activities
  • Instructionally sound information, with relevant and high-quality multimedia and graphics
  • Deployability to the iPad, Android tablets, phones, browsers, or app

Our capability in the development of end-user content goes beyond the production of screenshots and mouse-overs. We have an experienced SAP End-User Learning Content-Development team with a breadth of skills and expertise that includes Learning Architects, SAP Functional Consultants, Content Writers & Editors, Instructional Designers, Visual Designers, Media Developers & Programmers, Voice-over Artists, Language experts and Quality Analysts.

Our team of qualified Subject Matter Experts not just develop world class content, they are also experienced in delivering those training in Train the Trainer (TTT) or regular training formats. These training’s can be Classroom Based or Virtual on Dexler’s Virtual Live Classroom Platform powered by Adobe Connect or other third party platforms.