June 28, 2016

SAP Education Services

Dexler has been in the SAP Education space for more than a decade working with SAP SE, SI Partners, Education Partners, SAP Customers, SAP Consultants and End Users. Our services include SAP Content Creation, SAP Education Consulting Services, End User Enablement Services, SAP Content Creation Services, Training Delivery platforms, Managed Services and Learning Hub.

SAP Content Creation Services

Dexler works with SAP Education to develop e-learning courses that form the basis of SAP Education’s Online Education Programme. High-quality interactive content is built for certification courses, individual training courses, foundation courses, and prerequisite courses using the best-in-class tools, such as SAP Workforce Performance Builder. The courses contain audio content with professional voice-overs, mentor tips, assessments, transcripts, demonstrations, and simulations. Our localisation services ensure that these courses are available in 10 different languages, complete with voice-overs in local languages.


With over 40,000 consultants being trained by it, Dexler powered ‘‘ is one of the largest authorised SAP training portals in the world. Blending technology with modern pedagogical methods of collaborative and social learning, SAPONEWORLD offers a high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient mode for learners to pursue SAP Consultant Certification and Training programmes.

SAP Education Consulting Services

Our Education Consulting Services include,

  • Organisational Change Management
  • Learning Strategy
  • Learning Needs Analysis

End User Enablement Services

End Users adopting the new solution is key to success of any implementation. Together with our Education consulting services, the End User Enablement services ensure that your investment in new solution is safe and driving results for you. The services include,

  • Develop and deliver learning content
  • Implementation and training for workforce optimization using –
    • SAP Workforce Performance Builder – WPB
    • SAP Productivity Pak – SPP
    • Articulate
    • Captivate
  • Implementation and Training for SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark

SAP User Experience Management by KNOA

Value added Services partner for KNOA Services include:

  • Implementation
  • Enablement
  • Adoption, and
  • Value Realization to reduce TCO and increase ROI

Managed Services

Aligning skills with project objectives and developing technical and application skills effect a turnaround in efficacy of training delivery. Our Managed Services, brings in global best practices and trained manpower to make sure our customers have a worry-free experience. Services include,

  • Subject Matter Expertise, helpdesk support for SAP
  • Live Mentoring using Adobe Connect
  • System and Technical Learning Support
  • Virtual Live classrooms

Learning Hub

SAP Learning Hub brings the power and convenience of Cloud to SAP Learning. The vast library of latest SAP training materials and the collaboration tools like learning rooms make it the first choice for people looking for continuous learning on the go. Dexler has worked with SAP through the evolution of Learning Hub beginning with contributing to building and delivering the first version of Learning Hub. Today Learning Hub is available in multiple flavours such as ‘Professional Edition’ ‘User Edition’, and ‘Student Edition’ catering to every learner demographic imaginable. Depending on the version you have access to a public or private cloud version. f

For more information visit SAP Learning Hub page, or talk to us.