June 28, 2016


Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the automotive industry. Advances in productivity – as a result of increased automation – imply that more can be done with less. New markets, new technologies, and new manufacturing processes that address this dynamic marketplace continuously and dynamically impact all the aspects of the automotive industry.

One component, in particular, that reflects this impact is the workforce. More sophisticated processes require a greater degree of understanding and technical skills than in the past. This informs the need for a more skilled and productive workforce.

We at Dexler provide you with ready access to experts who deliver customised e-learning and education solutions. We leverage these advantages to help customers enhance their workforce performance, thereby increasing our clients’ satisfaction.

In one such case, we provided consulting services comprising End-User Content Creation for SAP implementation to one of the largest automobile distributors in the Middle East.

Client Challenges

  • There were vast number of trainees spread across wide geographies. Reaching out to this large spread of learners is often time-consuming and expensive.
  • The audience profile is varied in this industry, from the workers in the manufacturing plants to the managers in the offices.
  • The training content is also divergent, as much of it requires practical experience, which is best acquired on the factory floors. While this might be a good way to learn, it is also a time- and resource-consuming process. Specialty skill sets in each of those tools are hard to assemble at short notice.

Key Offerings

  • Education Consulting: Dexler’s gamut of services includes Skill Gap Analysis, Training Needs Analysis, and Organisational Change Management. These modules enable us to arrive at the right learning-deployment models in line with our customers’ learning strategies. We provide training delivery services comprising Train-the-Trainer (key business owners) and Post Go-Live support.
  •  Content Creation Services: We specialise in developing and creating content to meet the specific learning and training needs of different organisations. Our highly skilled and qualified e-learning professionals handle any type, form, or volume of content. The types of content we offer are Custom Content, Rapid Content, Mobile Content, Blended Content, and Localised Content.
    • Value Additions: Our automobile customer availed of our strong content-creation capabilities to produce around 1500 SAP transactions. These transactions covered 300 business processes, along with job-aid documents and assessments. We delivered a Training Content package, which was reusable and relevant.
  • Training Delivery Platforms: These platforms make it really easy to move our customers’ existing training material, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents into the online courses they want.
    • Enterprise Learning On-Demand: This platform enables customers to simplify the task of planning, managing, and delivering their learning activities.
    • Secure Offline USB Dongle: This feature facilitates the secure distribution and consumption of licence-controlled learning content.