June 28, 2016

SAP Productivity Pack by Ancile

SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) is performance-support software that delivers targeted, high-quality learning content to employees. It allows authors with no programming experience to create, edit, and publish rich, interactive guides, task-based simulations, and e-learning courses, and then quickly deploy the content to the entire workforce using the Web.

SAP Productivity Pak (SPP) drives rapid user adoption of the SAP application portfolio by allowing organisations to create, deliver, and consume relevant, quality learning content. It helps users achieve proficiency and sustain their performances over time.

Our team has a wealth of practical experience across a range of learning and performance training support tools, supporting major ERP-system training development and e-Learning creation for our various customers. With our expertise in user productivity software and reusable content templates, we enable you to develop high-quality training and support materials rapidly and effectively to realise your enterprise-application’s desired ROI. Our services include,

  • Installation and Implementation of SPP
  • Consulting and Training in SPP
  • Develop content using SPP
  • Localisation and Translation using SPP